Hello everyone!

My name’s Rebecca and I’ve been a huge fan of Anna Todd and her books for a long time.  In the summer, while they were filming After Movie in Atlanta, I have decided to start a fan page on Instagram called ‘After Slovakia’. Joining the fandom in this way has been one of the best decisions – it’s an amazing place where we can all chat about our excitement.

I’m from Slovakia, currently based in UK. My hope is to connect Slovak and Czech fans, but as you can see I’m writing everyhing in English because I want everyone to be able to understand.

On my Instagram I post daily countdown, news and updates, sometimes edits and interesting visuals in general.

If you want to know who is writing this – I’m a 21 years old University student of Marketing Communication. I work a lot with fashion, films and books in the field of Marketing and PR. Before this I used to run (and still do) a Fifty Shades fan page for 5 years.

I hope you’ll enjoy this page and thank you for visiting!

With love,

Rebecca xx