Frequently asked questions

I see many questions popping up all the time so I thought I would take some time to go over the frequent ones and answer them to my best capabilities.


Q: Is the movie based on all the books or just one?

A: This movie is based on just After which is the first book in the series.

Q: Will there be more than just one movie?

A: If the first movie is successful then yes, I’m sure we will get more of them. It’s up to us to make sure the movie is financially successful enough so the studios will want to make more of them.

Q: When will it be in cinemas? 

A: General answer is April 2019, but it really depends on each country what day exactly. Check the ‘Release Dates’ section for more dates.

Q: Is it going to be the same as the book?

A: Mostly yes, but Anna her self said some parts had to be changed because while a scene seems great on the paper, it does not seem so great on the screen.

Q: Will the ending be the same? 

A: Anna said there are small changes to the ending because it wouldn’t look good to have the film end on a parking lot/street. We don’t know anything more than that.

Q: What is the rating? 

A: The rating is not set by the production team, it is set by a committee that decides the rating after reviewing the final version of the movie. Anna and the team has nothing to do with the rating.

Q: Is it going to be steamy like the books? 

A: I’m sure there will be many hot moments, but we won’t know until we see it just how many. Based on the trailer teaser I’d say it will be quite steamy!

Q: Are we getting a movie tie-in version?

A: Anna said we are and I know from some inside information that it’s more than likely happening! We don’t know anything specific yet though.

Q: Did the actors use body doubles?

A: There was a rumor about that but Jennifer later explained that it is not true and all the  ‘sexy’ scenes are Jo and Hero themselves.

Q: When is the trailer coming?

A: Anna said mid-January.

Q: Is the poster we got an official one? 

A: No, that’s just the teaser poster. The promotional poster is coming later and will most likely be featured as the cover of movie tie-in as well.



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